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Full-frame performance with high sensitivity and preset cinematic looks
Leading-edge movie functions including Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection
4K (QFHD) high-frame-rate 120fps recording
Built-in electronic Variable ND Filter
Cinematic colour science with S-Cinetone
SENSOR TYPE: 35 mm full-frame, single-chip CMOS image sensor
PIXELS: Approx. 12.9 megapixels(total), Approx. 10.2 megapixels(effective)
SENSITIVITY: ISO 800/12800 (Cine EI mode, D55 Light source)
BUILT-IN OPTICAL FILTERS: Clear, linear variable ND(1/4ND to 1/128ND)
MEDIA TYPE: CF express Type A / SD card (x2), Slot B can be used for saving configuration data.
LCD: 8.8 cm (3.5 type), Approx. 2.76M dots

In-house Equipment; Sony Fx6 4K Netflix approved cinema camera and audio set up below. Access to additional kit and collaborators if required.


Sony Fx6 Full F
rame Cinema Camera Netflix approved.
50mm and 24-105mm Lenses.

Gimbals and Sliders:
Ronin DJI PRO Rs2 Gimbal.
Osmo DJI Smartphone gimbal.
Konovo k5 Camera Slider.

Audio setup:
Senheiser NT2 Directional Microphone.
Rode lapel mics.
Zoom h4n Audio Recorder.

3 X 40W LED panel lights. Bi-colour: 3200-5600K.
18" LED Ring light.
Genaray LED-620
0T light.
Genary LED light.

Osmo DJI Smartphone gimbal.


SONY fx62_edited.jpg

Editing on a MacBook Pro using Premiere Pro.

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