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Extracts from Music Documentary: 'You Already Know' (90 mins)
Officially selected for Glastonbury Festival 2022

Written and Directed by Rhyannon Hanbury-Aggs

An audiovisual ride into a New Orleans ass shaking music and dance subculture called Bounce in collaboration with the leading artists and filmmakers in the city.
Journeying deep into the spirit of the ‘Bounce’ beat from the projects of New Orleans, through its rich musical history, tracing the beat back to Africa, through Jazz, funk hip hop to late 80s bounce. Celebrating it's visual and musical language until now against the backdrop of the 'Murder Capitol', for a story of oppression vs expression.

Told in a soul stirring New Orleanian narrative through the eyes of youth worker and 'King of Bounce', DJ Jubilee.

For a story of life, death and DAT B.E.A.T.

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